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Betco® Hi-Tech® Floor Finish

Betco's high solids finish is formulated with a blend of pressure emulsified thermoplastics which creates a shine superior to conventional acrylic finishes. Betco® Hi-Tech® Floor Finish is self-leveling with excellent flow for easy application and self-sealing for reduced maintenance costs. The mild fragrance floor finish provides a wet gloss appearance that allows the true colors of Ultimate rubber flooring to shine through. Betco® Hi-Tech® Floor Finish is easily applied to rubber flooring with a synthetic finish mop. Recommended for high-traffic floors like gym and weight rooms, retail sales floors, mall food courts, and indoor play areas, Betco® Hi-Tech® Floor Finish will keep newly installed Ultimate Systems rubber floors looking great.

Ultimate Systems offers Betco® Hi-Tech® Floor Finish in 1-gallon (3.78L) jugs or by the case
(4 gallons).


Provides Excellent Leveling and Self-Sealing
Wet Gloss Appearance For True Floor Color Shine
Responsive Buffering and Burnishing
(300-2000 rpm)
Mild Formula with Very Good Heel Mark Resistance
Floor Sealer Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
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