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Betco® High-Performance Best Scrub Floor Cleaner

Betco's High-Performance Best Scrub Floor Cleaner is specifically designed for the interim maintenance procedure of top scrubbing and recoating. When used as directed, Best Scrub effectively removes the top layers of soiled floor finish preparing the floor surface for recoating. Best Scrub's low foam, no-rinse formula leaves a clean, film-free surface, preparing it for the application of new layers of floor finish. Betco® Best Scrub Floor Cleaner is the perfect product for any type of floor maintenance program to help extend the time between restorative stripping procedures.

Ultimate Systems offers Betco® High-Performance Best Scrub Top Cleaner in 1-gallon (3.78L) jugs or by the case (4 gallons).


Effectively Removes Soiled Top Layers of Floor
Low Foam, No-Rinse Formula
Pleasant Fragrance - No Harsh Odors
For Use With Automatic or Manual Scrubbers
Floor Cleaner Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
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