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Rubber Flooring Installation Toolkit

Need installation tools for your next commercial flooring project? Forgot to pack your favorite trowel? Or, perhaps you're installing rubber flooring in a small space and could use an all-in-one, economical install kit. No matter what each project brings, Ultimate can provide the tools to help get your rubber floors or underlayment installed properly.

Ultimate Systems' economical toolkit includes one pair of Nitrile dipped nylon gloves and a 9" x 4" steel U-notch trowel (1/16" x 1/16" x 3/32"). The ergonomic gloves provide comfort and tactile sensitivity while protecting hands from chemicals and abrasive surfaces. The trowel has a contoured handle and flexible steel face for controlled adhesive application. Both basic tools are a necessity on the job and both are available from Ultimate whenever you need them.

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