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Betco® pH7 Floor Cleaner

Fast-acting and highly concentrated, Betco's pH7 Floor Cleaner quickly emulsifies and suspends dirt and grease from rubber floors. From spray bottle to automatic scrubbers, this one-pass, neutral pH cleaner is guaranteed never to dull, haze or leave a surface film. Betco pH7 Floor Cleaner is ideal for rubber floors in tough, dirty environments like manufacturing and assembly facilities, restrooms, health & fitness clubs, and school cafeterias.

Betco's pH7 Floor Cleaner contains their revolutionary XBF technology that provides the longest lasting finish ever. This self-sealing, extended wear formula retains film integrity and outstanding gloss even after repeated detergent mopping and burnishing. The XBF technology effectively reduces maintenance and prolongs the time between strippings.

Ultimate Systems offers Betco® pH7 Floor Cleaner in 1-gallon (3.78L) jugs or by the case
(4 gallons).


Emulsifies and Suspends Dirt and Grime
Will Not Dull, Haze or Leave A Surface Film
Deodorizing, Low Foaming Formula with Low pH
For Use with Automatic or Manual Scrubbers
Floor Cleaner Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
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