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Rubber Surface Crack Repair Kit

Ultimate Systems Rubber Surface Crack Repair Kits provide a complete turnkey solution for a variety of repairs to synthetic surfaces. Ultimate Systems' kits are commonly used to fix:

 Cracking from water expansion

 Athletic cleat or spike gouging

 Splitting due to frost heaving

 Post hole cutouts

 Damage from sub-surface failure

 Chemical damage

Ultimate Systems Rubber Surface Crack Repair Kits are ideal for high school or college running tracks, playgrounds, basketball or tennis courts and other rubber surfaces where a finer granulate mixture is needed for repair work.

Each DIY kit includes rubber granules (0.5-3mm), pre-measured polyurethane bonding agent, u-notch trowel and/or flexible putty knife, mixing spoon, neoprene gloves and complete installation instructions.

Standard granule colors include black, red, 401 green and blue. Click HERE for additional color options. Custom colors available upon request.

Also see Ultimate Systems Rubber Surface Repair Kit.


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Click HERE for repair kit contents

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Pre-Measured Kit for Quick Repair
25 Sq. Ft. of Coverage Per Kit
Aggressive Bond to Existing Surface
Custom Granule Colors Available
Binding Agent MSDS
Crack Repair Kit Data Sheet DOWNLOAD HERE
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